Reusable water bottle design

Discover unique and eco-friendly reusable water bottle designs that are both stylish and practical. Make a positive impact on the environment while staying hydrated with these innovative designs.
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If you’re ga-ga for gadgets like us, then you get our thing for high tech water bottles. We just can’t help but get excited when something seemingly mundane is given an inventive makeover. Whether it’s in the form of a brand spankin’ new design, made up of eco-friendly materials, or it’s amped up with state-of-the-art technology, these 16 water bottles are the most innovative around.

Xu Bill
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After seeing Myriam Van Neste's cards for Lagom Design I thought we needed to see more of this clearly brilliant artist today. Myriam is originally from Quebec in Canada but is currently based in Vienna, Austria. She takes inspiration from children's books and spent time studying in Finland so her work has a Scandinavian flavour. Her medium of choice is paper, scissors and a glue stick and she makes her designs from papercut collages. Her new collection of nine greetings cards for UK…

Ced Tolentino
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Cláudia Saldanha
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Pornchita Wongtaveesub