Reverse braid

Take your braiding skills to the next level with these stunning reverse braid hairstyles. Whether you have long or short hair, these trendy styles will add a touch of elegance to your look. Try them now and stand out from the crowd.
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There is so much preparation that goes into giving birth. You’ve probably taken a birth class, started packing your hospital bag, and now it’s time to think about YOU. Whether you are planning a home birth, have a birth photographer lined up, or just want to look decent throughout labor, having some go-to hairstyles for

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The Dutch braid goes by many names, including the "reverse French braid." In fact, the Dutch braid is done exactly like a French braid, except that you cross the strands under instead of over. It may look complex to a beginner, but it is...

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A Dutch braid, also known as the reverse braid or inside-out braid, is one of the most unique ways of styling the hair. Although the hairstyle looks very difficult to create, it is fairly simple. It uses the very same technique that you might have already mastered in the form of the French braid.

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