Explore the wonders of rhizomes and learn how these underground stems play a vital role in plant growth. Find inspiration and tips on how to incorporate rhizomes in your garden for a vibrant and thriving landscape.
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You may have heard the term rhizome thrown around here and there, but exactly what is a rhizome? Not to be confused with the root part of a plant, a rhizome is something entirely different. In fact, there are several parts of a plant that can grow underground, and it's not all roots! Learn the difference between root and rhizome, and keep reading to find out what is a rhizome! So What is a Rhizome? Technically speaking, a rhizome is a stem that grows underground. Growing just below the…

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The ecological relations of roots (1919) is a book by John Ernest Weaver (1884 – 1966), an American biologist and prairie ecologist. During his life, Weaver published a series of books on the relationship between plant species, their climate and the specific soils they inhabit. This book focuses...

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