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Discover a variety of delicious rice ingredient ideas to elevate your next meal. From vegetables to proteins, explore different flavors and textures to create a satisfying dish.
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Sweet & Savory Fried Rice | Fried rice is an excellent way to get vegetables and protein into an easy dinner recipe. Have a family meal ready in half an hour, even when you make your own stir-fry sauce from scratch. This gluten-free recipe can be switched up with any vegetables you have on hand and you can even add in leftover chicken, beef, or tofu. Meal prep takes just 10 minutes, making this a perfect weeknight recipe. Or why not make a double batch for lunches all week long!

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Recipe video above. The best method and cook time for truly fluffy, perfectly cooked brown rice depends on what type of brown rice you have. Did you know that basmati rice cooks in less than half the time as long grain brown rice?BEFORE YOU START: Determine what rice you have and read the "Before You Start" in the notes below.BIGGEST TIP - skip the absorption method (high risk of gluey) and ignore the packet directions!! Servings: 1 cup uncooked brown rice makes 3 cups cooked rice which will…

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