Roast whole butternut squash

Discover mouthwatering recipes for roasting whole butternut squash. Learn how to bring out the natural sweetness and create a flavorful side dish or main course.
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This roasted butternut squash with brown sugar recipe is the easiest way to cook squash and it's so tasty. You don't even have to peel or dice it. The butternut squash halves are brushed with butter, topped with brown sugar and roasted whole.

Danielle Pazero
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This Maple Herb Roasted Butternut Squash recipe is the warmth of great herbs + spices and the succulent taste of savory flavors which is beautifully put together for the best centerpiece dish during the Holidays. Perfectly roasted whole butternut squash, topped with dried cranberries, chopped nuts, pumpkin seeds, and a delicious maple syrup glaze----this recipe is a definite crowd-pleaser! All Vegan + Gluten-free.