Roasting pumpkin for pie

Learn how to roast pumpkin to perfection for your homemade pie. Discover expert tips and tricks to achieve a rich and flavorful pumpkin filling that will impress your guests.
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As I mentioned yesterday, we recently celebrated Elena's birthday, for which I made a Pumpkin Cake. This cake was inspired by the beautiful organic "Cinderella" pumpkins I found at my local market. I had been told by another local farmer that these make "the best" pumpkin pies and such. I was so happy with the

Kathryn Kleinschmidt
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Making your own pumpkin puree is neither hard to do nor does it take much time. Simply roast a sugar pie pumpkin until tender, spoon out the cooked flesh, and puree. That's it. Cook a couple of pumpkins at once and you'll have enough of the nutrient-rich vegetable not only for pie, but pumpkin muffins, pancakes, soup, and any other seasonal favorites.

Katherine Vaughn