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I'm kicking off the new year with a renovation post. Click over to the blog to tour our guest bedroom and see the final reveal! The before and after images are pretty awesome.

La Foir'Fouille
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We had thousands of nominations roll in for our first ever Homebody Awards and we thought we’d close out the year announcing the winners this year (along with the two runners up in each category because, so many times, it was so close!). We know first-hand how much work goes into each of these projects […]

Emily Keeling
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Hey guys!!! So, I haven't blogged in nearly 4 months. It's crazy. I barely even know where to begin! There's so much to say and so much to share, so let's just jump right in and pick up where we left off. Our little Ava is now 5 months old and doing really great. We survived 4 months of colic/milk allergy/reflux and between that and a pretty difficult pregnancy, I felt like the wind had been knocked out of my sails. But, little by little, things are getting so much better and I'm slowly…

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