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Discover top row boat ideas to enhance your water adventures. Find the perfect row boat design for your next boating experience and enjoy the serenity of the water.
John Stevenson’s SWEET DREAMS carries the boomed standing lug. #smallboats #rowboat #sailboat #sailing #woodenboat Dinghy, Row Boats, Row Boat, Hull, Oars, Penobscot, Small Sailboats, Wooden Sailboat, The Row

Davis was influenced a bit by the Whitehall-type boats, but most have a narrow beam in proportion to their length and rarely a sailing rig, so he gave the hull more bearing to enable it carry sail and drew three sail plans—gunter sloop, lug cat, and sprit cat—to meet a variety of needs. Arch built the first Penobscot 14 in 1992, and the result was a seakindly hull with striking lines. Hull No. 1 sits in his garage, not taking up much space, and he still takes it out to row. He published…

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Solo 14® Slide Seat Sculling Whitehall Rowboat – Whitehall Rowing & Sail Rowing Shell, Sailing Gear, Row Boats, Fast Boats, Water Exercises, Best Boats, Bigger Boat, Classic Boats, Rain Water Collection

This boat will change your life, providing fitness, health, and positive energy. On the water, in nature, breathing fresh clean air is good for the lungs, body and soul. This stable seaworthy boat handles wind and waves safely and with a feeling of confidence and well-being. The Solo 14® is the most popular of all

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The construction went quickly. Every major project I’ve ever begun has a hidden “gumption trap”—a difficult and unrewarding challenge that sucks the will to persist right out of me. This skin-on-frame boat was an exception. Each evening or weekend hour brought visible progress. In the end, I finished the boat in about 75 hours over three months, while also working a full-time job, raising a toddler, and making a pair of oars. A more experienced builder could probably finish the boat in 40…

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