Rubber stamp storage

Organize and store your rubber stamps with these creative and practical ideas. Find the perfect storage solution to keep your stamps neat and easily accessible.
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How to Make Easy, Quick & Cheap Crafting Rubber Stamp Storage : We all need to store our rubber stamps somewhere and somehow, in a small amount of space with little effort and at low cost, well this is how I store mine. I laminate a sheet of A4 card that has been cut in half and 1/2inch extra cut of each edge, t…

Lisa Kramer
Still Young and Croppin': Rubber Stamp Catalog Completed! Stamp Storage, Stamp Catalogue, Rubber Stamp Storage, Completed, Organization, Catalog, Cardmaking, Stamp, Rubber Stamps

After many, many long hours of work, I have finally completed my stamp storage and catalog! And the best part? I think I will be able to add to and live with this system for a long, long time. Those of you who are following me will recall my previous post on stamp organization which you can find here. I’m one of those who jump on the latest scrappy organizational craze, and don’t take the time to figure out if that system will work for me. A couple of years ago, I decided to catalog all of…

Julia Nixon