Sacred garden

Transform your outdoor space into a sacred garden and experience a serene sanctuary right at home. Discover ideas to cultivate a peaceful oasis for meditation and relaxation.
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A number of people have asked me for ceremonies and activities that help facilitate sacred work on the land in various ways. Why would we want such ceremonies? Quite simply, we can get the most effect by combining actions out in the world with rituals and other forms of magical practice on the inner worlds.

Angela Hollis

A candle illuminates a Khmer Buddha in a niche in my garden Ganesha peers from a moss encrusted niche in my garden Winter in the Pacific Northwest tends to be wet. It rains a lot, so I leave my lovely home for sunnier climes in the winter. While I am gone the moss grows, and when I come home, parts of my garden are covered in luxuriant green fur. Mosses absorb moisture and nutrients through their tiny leaves rather than through roots, and are able to colonize bare stone, which in turn…

Esteban Piedra
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Hidden Blessings AndFairy Tales I have shared with you my lovely, largeRoses that tumble over the wall in front of our house. I was enchanted by the gardens when we looked at our old Craftsman house andespecially by the lovely roses in the front.Flanking the steps from the street areTwo very old and large Rosemary bushes. the rosemary before This past spring I gave them a much neededPruning. They too were hanging over the wall,But there was a lot of dead growth underneath.They rewarded me…

Lynnsey | Photographer, Mama, Plant Lover, Florist & Artist