Sailboat art

Enhance your nautical decor with beautiful sailboat art. Explore top ideas to bring the calming and adventurous spirit of the sea into your space.
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Drawing boats can be challenging on a number of fronts; getting the basic shape, making your boat float, and building believable reflections. A simple way to draw your boat uses a figure eight. Read through this post and you'll be able to see the figure 8 in the boat above. Drawing Your Boat The diagram above demonstrates drawing a boat using a figure 8. The figure 8 becomes the gunnels of the boat. The gunnels (or gunwales) are the tops of the boat's sides. Step 1: Draw a figure 8 as in the…

Elaine Eldridge
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This artwork is a sailing boat designed in stunning watercolours. The print is simplistic in style, giving off a calm, relaxed ambience. The design is suitable for most areas and makes a beautiful focal point in any room. This design makes an excellent gift for all sea lovers.

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