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Experience the thrill of battle with Samurai Warriors 4. Join the ranks of legendary warriors and lead your army to victory. Discover the top strategies and unlock the secrets of this epic game.
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Keiji Maeda (前田 慶次, Maeda Keiji) is one of the argued names for Toshimasu. He is Toshiie's nephew who is best known historically for protecting the Uesugi's retreat from Hasedo, allegedly facing an army of thousands with only eight horsemen. In fiction, he is one of the most celebrated kabukimono, or wild men, of the time period who is known for his monstrous height and his peerless strength. His horse and companion, Matsukaze, is usually found beside him. His Samurai Warriors counterpart…

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Lady Nō or Nōhime (濃姫) is the daughter of Dōsan Saitō and the wife of Nobunaga Oda. Her marriage is a political attempt to make a truce between the Oda and Saitō clans. Since her marriage remains her prominent and sole mention in historical texts, there are various conflicting theories regarding her persona and whereabouts. Her real name was Kichō (帰蝶), but she's commonly refered to as Nō since it's an abbreviation of Nōshū, other name of Mino Province which she came from. Samurai Warriors…

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Mitsunari Ishida (石田 三成, Ishida Mitsunari) is best known in history for leading the Western Army at Sekigahara. He won Hideyoshi's favor as an excellent financial manager and master of the tea ceremony. Due to his general lack of experience on the battlefield, his leadership of the Western Army displeased several veteran warriors in the Toyotomi army. Although various historical accounts deem him to be a villain, historians are recently reexamining his deeds and some believe he should be…

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Kenshin Uesugi (Japanese: 上杉 謙信) is a major character in the Samurai Warriors series. He is one of the members of the Uesugi clan. He was voiced by Joji Nakata (who also voiced Ieyasu Tokugawa in the same series.) and later by Kazuyuki Okitsu, who also voiced Jonathan Joestar in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Kenshin is known as the Dragon of Echigo, and is comparable to the neighbor and the "nemesis", Shingen. He first leads a campaign to defeat his opponent. After Kawanakajima collided with the…

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