Saori weaving

Explore the world of Saori weaving and unleash your creativity. Learn about the unique techniques and materials used in this expressive art form, and start weaving your own beautiful and personalized creations today.
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Images via Koron007 Centuries ago, fabric was a rare and precious commodity only the wealthy could afford. So people treasured old and worn-out pieces of clothing to recycle and reuse in order to make new clothes. Thus the sakiori was born. Sakiori comes from the word "saki" which means to tear up or rip and "ori" which means weave. Recycling old fabric remnants into sakiori weavings follows the Japanese indispensable concept of “mottainai” or not wasting precious cloth that can prolong the…

Pasiflora Teddy
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Welcome Dawn to Saori Santa Cruz designing and sewing clothing class! Lets look at how this progression class went from hand woven cloth to jacket Here is Dawn's happy hand woven fabric she wove Saori style and brought to class in her luggage from Canada . I had the studio all ready for cutting and sewing and trying on…. Dozens of muslins to try and finished garments as well for ideas….. Dawn confess that in her soaking stage of her finished cloth she some how felted part of it . …. you can…