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Explore a collection of creepy and haunting scary baby dolls that will send shivers down your spine. Discover the most chilling and eerie dolls to add to your collection.
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Hi All, Just made a Zombie Doll. I bought a porcelain doll from the thrift store and "zombified" it. These are so much fun to make! And, you can do it fast. I made this in 2 days! I bought this doll for $5. Here's what she looked like when I started: Isn't she sweet?? (Her hair looked better, but I started distressing her wig before I remembered to take a "before" picture.) The first step is to strip the doll down to nothing and rip off the wig. Next, I painted a base coat of gray acrylic…

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Creative Daze with Geri: How I Create Gothic Girls & Zombie Babies from Repurposed Porcelain and Baby Dolls Halloween, Gothic, Costume, Natale, Donna, Gothic Girls, Cute Dolls, Resim, Creepy

I search for porcelain and baby dolls in resale shops, online, garage/yard/rummage sales, etc. On the average, I’d say I pay about $5 for a doll depending on the condition. I prefer to use dolls that are in sad condition. I have purchased broken (porcelain) dolls and have a collection of parts so the table in my studio sometimes looks like Frankenstein’s laboratory! I’ve paid as low as $1 (RARELY!) all the way to $28 ( and for a doll (including shipping). But when…

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