School comics drawing

Unleash your creativity with these school comics drawing ideas. Learn how to create funny and relatable comics that will bring laughter to your school life. Get inspired and start drawing today!
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I am a primary school teacher from Galway, Ireland. By day, I have the fun task of educating the next generation of kids… by night… I’m an artist! Having a particular interest in animation and cartooning, I decided to combine the two things I’m most passionate about – teaching and drawing – and these are the results!

Maryam Qonita
Artist Brings Food To Life By Drawing Fun Comics

When we were little, some of our parents used to tell us not to play with our food, and we had to obey. Brooke Karras, who is the creator behind "Breakfast Club Comics," found another way to play with food by creating comics where the characters (or should I say carroters?) are various vegetables, fruits, and other delicious goods. The artist brilliantly weaves in funny jokes and puns into their imaginary situations, and the narratives are so smooth that you'll eat these comics right up.

Maham Hasan