Sci fi mask

Take your cosplay to the next level with these unique sci-fi mask ideas. Find the perfect mask to complete your futuristic costume and stand out from the crowd.
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This is my personal design of futuristic ninja mask. The mask will fit a head 15.5 to 16.5cm wide. The wall thickness of the model is 3mm. Ready for printing by parts, includes obj, stl, Attention! Some files should be printed in 2 copies. the second part must be mirrored during slicing. Don't forget to check back plate file in my profile. it will allow you to wear your mask more comfortably! Please do not forget to give me your feedback. Its very important for me

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This is my next Sci Fi Mask design for printing. My plan is to print and spray/color this mask. At the moment i making some printing tests. If you like my design, please support me on patreon where i will upload more renderings from my work and WIP printing footage. Rendered with E-Cycles

Michael Russo