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Here are an electromagnetic rail gun I deisgned based on studying of AK, the power cell inside the back stock, 1st page shows the multiple function sight system, 2nd page shows radar attachment, 3rd page shows heavy barrel with 200 rounds mag. always like doing realistic scifi design based on reality.

Ange Mucyo
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Was requested to do an RPG, so here it is. It'll probably get lost amid the Starcraft 2 hubbub, but what the heck. :) Click all sizes to see the chrome, or better yet, click HERE for the full-sized image (not downsized to 1024 pixels). A 65mm smart rocket launcher capable of firing multiple types of ammunition; shown is the basic 100mm HEDP round with shaped-charge warhead and frag casing. The sighting unit includes a scope, laser rangefinder and targeting computer. The smart rounds can be…

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