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Science diagrams

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Step by step tutorials on drawing biology diagrams.

Kidneys are a pair of excretory organs located in lower back of our body.Each kidney is Reddish brown,bean shaped and measures 10-12 cm in length and 5-6cms in width. It weighs approximately 140 gms. There is a concavity in the inner side called Hilus. The renal artery, renal veins and ureter pass through this depressions of kidneys.Each kidney contains 1,000,000–1,250,000 nephrons that filter the blood.Nephrons are functional units of kidneys that filter blood and maintain Homeostasis. Now…

Step by step tutorials on drawing biology diagrams.

The LS of kidney shows outer dark zone called the cortex and inner pale red zone called medulla which forms the main mass of the kidney. The medulla is made of number of pyramidal structures containing renal tubules or Nephrons projecting into the cavity towards the inner region of kidney called pelvis.This is the region where renal artery and renal vein enter the kidney. Free end of pelvis shows cup like depressions called calyces. Renal pyramids of medulla project into these calyces.Now…

DRAW IT NEAT: How to draw human brain

Human brain is one of the most complex and magnificent organs in the human body. Our brain gives us self consciousness and consciousness of our environment, processing a constant stream of sensory data. The brain’s neurons record the memory of every event in our lives.It is the organ which coordinates several muscular moments, analyzes the streams data from sensory organs, controls secretions of glands,memorizes the past experiences, controls the emotions and thoughts with touch of judgement…

DRAW IT NEAT : How to draw tooth diagram labeled.

Teeth are structures useful for biting, tearing, chewing and grinding. All mammals have more or less same construction of tooth.A vertical section of a tooth shows three parts viz the crown, the neck and the root. Crown is the part lying above the gum, the neck is the part in level with the gum and the root is the part buried in the sockets of the jaw bones. The white part of the tooth is known as the enamel. This is the hardest substance present in the body. The enamel is the non living…

DRAW IT NEAT : How to draw Skull diagram - CBSE, NCERT

The skull is composed of two sets of bones cranial and facial. Cranial bones are 8 in number, facial bones are 14. So, skull is made of total 22 bones. The cranial bones form brain box called Cranium which accommodates the brain. The facial bones give shape to the face. Now, lets see how we can draw a Human skull in simple easy steps. 1. Draw a arbitrary rectangular shape as shown. 2. Draw lower Jaw shape as shown. 3. Merge the two shapes as shown. 4. Draw Now, the shape of fore head…

60 Of The Weirdest Diagrams That Are Real And Scientifically Accurate But Beg The Question ‘What Were They Thinking?'

I have no doubt that every one of us has seen something odd in our textbooks—a name, an illustration or a graph that looks just a bit too odd or completely bizarre for it to be in a textbook.

The Water Cycle Circle Book

Dive into the wonders of the water cycle with this water cycle circle book! This interactive resource transforms learning as you explore precipitation, condensation, evaporation, and more. With customizable content, you can tailor the experience to match your curriculum’s water cycle vocabulary, enjoy the flexibility with print or digital versions, and foster excitement with this comprehensive water cycle activity! What Concepts & Skills are Covered? The water cycle (being open-ended so no…

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This unusual science diagram shows various cross-sections of the beautiful Dog Rose. It comes in the form of a booklet with four see-through cellophane pages. Both scientific and artistic, this flower dissection booklet could be used in altered art, collage, or scrapbooking. It would make an interesting gift for a Biology teacher.
Leaf parts labelled, easy to draw leaf diagram, coloring and shading. Tutorial in Link
7 engaging and simple methods for teaching science in middle school will help you enhance your science lessons, independent practice, and enrichment activities. Let’s get started. Do you know those teachers that seem to always have everything put together? Have you ever wondered how in the world they do it? I mean, how do they make everything look so easy? Well, it doesn’t start that way. We all have a growing and learning process.
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