Science units

Explore a variety of exciting science unit ideas to make learning fun and engaging. Discover hands-on activities, experiments, and projects to spark curiosity and inspire young minds in your classroom.
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Many of us homeschool moms turn into curriculum junkies. I love to see what's new and available...especially when what we're using doesn't seem to be effective. Yes, we need to just buckle down and do the work sometimes, but learning should be a joy. And sometimes, you don't figure out that a curriculum isn't working for your student until you're a couple months (or five) into your school year! Then what do you do?

Melissa Winner
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I love doing plant experiments and sprouting seeds with young children in the spring. Not only do they get excited to see how plants grow but planting seeds also teaches them patience and how to wait for gratification which is very important in this fast-paced, instant gratification world in which we now live. In this […]

Lisa Walden