Sea birds

Explore the fascinating world of sea birds and their unique characteristics. Get inspired by stunning photos and learn more about these graceful creatures that call the ocean their home.
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Photo by: @dstogs_photography Photo by:@libor_vaicenbacher Photo by: @libor_vaivenbacher These photos of the world's most unusual seabirds are absolutely fabulous and they make me smile. Three Blue-footed boobies. One bird is a booby. All three photos were found on Instagram @exclusive_bird Learn more about Blue-Footed Boobies HERE. Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend. xo

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The Brown Pelican and the Peruvian Pelican are closely related and once were considered the same species. They are indeed very similar in all plumage stages, but the Peruvian Pelican is nearly twice as big as its northern counterpart. Both pelicans are still common, but their population have been negatively affected by strong El Niño

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