Sea kayaking

Embark on an exhilarating sea kayaking adventure and discover the beauty of nature from a unique perspective. Find top tips and destinations to plan your next kayak trip today.
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7 Most Important Skills For Sea Kayakers

Table of Contents hide Most Important Skills for Sea Kayaking 1 Learn how to make a bilge pump 2 Stay visible on the water 3 Scout ocean surf in your kayak 4 Construct a tow line 5 Try the sea kayak scramble self-rescue 6 Understand marine VHF radio use 7 Re-enter and roll your kayak In recent years, adventurous paddlers and expeditioners have shown that you can go just about anywhere there’s water in a sea kayak. From Antarctica to the Grand Canyon and beyond, with the right training and…

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Sea Kayak Vs River Kayak Vs Lake Kayak - What Are The Differences? - Kayak Help Kayaks, Auvergne, Kayak Fishing, River Kayak, Lake Kayaking, Sea Kayak, River Kayaking, Kayaking Gear, Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayak vs River Kayak vs Lake Kayak - What Are The Differences? - Kayak Help

The three main types of kayaks you’ll find out there are sea kayaks, river kayaks, and lake kayaks. While there are different designs for each of those kayak types, there are some major factors that separate them on a more general level. If you’re new to the sport of kayaking, it makes sense to invest ... Read more

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