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Embark on thrilling adventures in the Sea of Monsters and discover mythical creatures, hidden treasures, and ancient mysteries. Dive into a world full of excitement and danger.
The Fatal Flaw (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson, The Hobbit, Fictional Characters, Percy Jackson Quotes, Percy Jackson Fandom, Percy Jackson Ships, Percy Jackson Memes, Fanfiction

Perseus Jackson is dead. He didn't die in battle. He wasn't killed during a quest. He didn't make the Gods so mad they killed them. His fatal flaw turned out to be actually fatal. But the Fates aren't through with him just yet. First he was the Gods pawn. But, now he belongs to the Fates. +++ Disclaimer: I don't own anything besides the plot. Rick Riordan owns all of it.

Alaynah Case
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So… Here you have some more characters that I design for Mythic Battles Pantheon: Scylla and Charybdis The kickstarter will be on until the end of November! Here you have the link: My Gumroad Page: My Print Shops: Pixels: Redbubble: Society 6…

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