Self Portrait

Explore a collection of self portrait ideas that will inspire and challenge you as an artist. Discover different techniques and styles to create a unique and personal depiction of yourself.

~ This life is not a competetion, it's not you vs. everyone else. This life is you vs. you! M. NELLA Sometimes I wonder were confidence comes from.. Is it in our DNA or the way we were raised in our childhood. How does confidence work and can it be faked? In this blog post you are going to find...

Vanja M
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It’s that time of the year again (maybe that’s just all of the time?). People are telling you what they’ve accomplished in 365 days, engagements galore, boudoir photos are flooding your Instagram, lots of exciting things are happening and, in spite of all of the good that surrounds you, you may be f

Kessia Muñoz

Within this self-portrait, I am exploring the complexity of my seemingly simple thoughts or daydreams. I am contrasting my outer, bored expression with the chaotic, whimsical doodles in the background that symbolize my daydreams. This goes to show that even when I look unengaged on the outside, my brain is thinking a surplus of thoughts and ideas. I enjoy both technical rendering and free doodling, which is why I decided to combine them in an interesting way in this piece. This contrast…