September inspiration

Find inspiration for the month of September with these creative ideas. Discover ways to stay motivated and make the most of this exciting time of year.
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Models Vanessa Moody & Lore Varga face off in 'On The Other Side Of The Mirror', styled by Vanessa Metz . Photographer David Bellemere is behind the lens for Numero Magazine #186 September 2017./ Hair by Benoit Moeyaert; makeup b Deanna Hagan

Isabela Machado
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Let these designs shine on you with their smart details, fantastic textures, and well-chosen color palettes that will undoubtedly help you start the new week with your creativity freshly nurtured. There isn't a magic formula to rely on. Luckily, this year's summer vacation was fruitful in providing us with many visual stimuli to get the creative process going. Nothing but design goodness. So please lean back and soak it all in. Enjoy!