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Get inspired and set goals with these motivational quotes. Discover powerful words of wisdom to help you stay focused and achieve your dreams.
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I’m totally that mom who likes to whip out a quote or saying when I’m trying to teach my kids a lesson. Goal setting quotes or sayings help me get pumped when I’m making a vision board, or setting intentions for my week. Sometimes, all we need is a little inspiration for setting goals, or to keep us going. Hashing out what our overall goals is one thing, then following through with them is even tougher. Often, all it takes is a little push or encouragement in the right direction and we’re up…

Meg Martino
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Goal setting allows us to create meaningful lives by helping us determine a course of action. It helps us be more intentional in our day to day lives by guiding our focus to what matters most. Setting and achieving intentional goals provides us with a strong sense or purpose and identity.