Shoji screen

Enhance the aesthetic of your home with beautiful Shoji screen designs. Explore unique ideas to bring a touch of elegance and tranquility to your living space.
Modern Japanese Shoji Screen Installations - Shoji Designs Inc.

Modern shoji screens used as sliding door and window coverings to closet and entertainment center doors; shoji used as floor to ceiling room dividers or small pass through window screens and all sizes in-between.

Julie Lang
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About this item [ Fashionable Interior Japanese Shoji Paper ] It is a colored Japanese shoji paper that can make your room stylish. It can be used for all kinds of shoji products such as shoji screens, shoji doors (Japanese sliding door), shoji blinds, shoji dividers, shoji panels, and shoji windows. Since you can easily paste with shoji glue, it is also possible to combine various colors in one screen. [ For Repairing Torn Shoji Screen ] It is convenient not only to replace the entire shoji…