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Cutaway drawing of the Sikorsky S-55/H-19/HO4S/HRS. Note the rearward-facing, angled placement of the radial engine.(Sikorsky Historical Archives) Igor Sikorsky, Sikorsky Aircraft, Westland Whirlwind, Radial Engine, Model Airplanes, Aerospace, Usaf, Scale Models, Blue Prints

10 November 1949: At Bloomfield, Connecticut, Dimitry D. (“Jimmy”) Viner, a nephew of Igor Sikorsky and chief test pilot for the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, made the first flight of the prototype Sikorsky S-55 helicopter, serial number 55-001, which the U.S. Air Force had designated YH-19 and assigned serial number 49-2012. Five YH-19 service test aircraft … Continue reading 10 November 1949 →

Julio Arróspide