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Discover the endless possibilities of silver spray and elevate your DIY projects to new heights. From furniture makeovers to home decor accents, explore top ideas for incorporating silver spray into your creations.
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Silver is the colour of the month for December. I have always loved silver, though gold was always the colour to have when I was growing up, and everyone around was wearing it, from gold charm bracelets to gold ornaments. It was the sign of prosperity: buying a charm a month or being gifted a charm

Sonia starr
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Kevin Nathaniel
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You guys. I finally did something I've been wanting to do for years now. I silver leafed a piece of thrift store furniture! I'm absolutely smitten with the way it turned out, but I have to be honest. This table nearly ate me alive 14 times over the past 2 days. I still have silver flakes in my hair. But it was worth it. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that my vanity table was a little worse for wear after all of the makeup, hairspray, and the occasional flatiron melting. In the comments…

Jennifer Pebbles
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Montana Cans EFFECT Glitter Spray offers high quality glitter coating that is refined and beautiful. Achieve stunning effects on objects and artworks of all kinds, whether you want to repaint your bike, create fine art or make greeting cards. Transform surfaces such as paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and other paintable materials. After being applied, a thin shiny lacquer coat will show with a fine distribution of glitter…

Randi Chambers