Simple full body workout

Get in shape with these simple full body workout ideas. Strengthen and tone your muscles with exercises that target your entire body. Start your fitness journey today!
The pin image shows a woman performing a home bodyweight exercise to stay healthy and get in shape. The pin also features the title on the left side showing "the only 5 exercises you need to get in shape". Get Fit In 30 Days, Fit In 30 Days, Simple Full Body Workout, Low Impact Strength Training, Full Body Bodyweight Workout, Full Body Exercises, Get In Shape Fast, 5 Day Workouts, Bodyweight Workout Routine

Get in shape fast with this workout! A physical therapist reveals the only 5 exercises you need for full body strength. Follow this simple routine for how to get fit in 30 days - no gym required! Reach your fitness goal now and improve your health and fitness.

Alicia Dawne