Slavic mythology

Uncover the rich and enchanting tales of Slavic mythology. Dive into the mythical creatures, gods, and heroes that make up this captivating folklore. Explore the depths of Slavic culture and be inspired by the legends of old.
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间间断断做了五六个多月的第二个完整流程作品,非常想尝试一下这种帅气的维京女战士风格,很开心能够完整地完成这个作品。这个过程中让我对于毛发有了更进一步的掌握,对于模型和材质也有了更大的进步和总结,同时也对于CG流程也更为的熟悉。再次感谢豪哥和我的朋友对于我的指导和帮助,谢谢大家! The second complete process work has been done intermittently for more than 6 months. I really want to try this handsome Viking female warrior style. I am very happy to complete this work. This process has enabled me to further master hair, make greater progress and summary on models and materials, and become more familiar with CG process. Once again, I…