Small group reading instruction

Enhance your students' reading skills with effective strategies for small group instruction. Discover proven techniques to create engaging and personalized learning experiences for your students.
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HIGH INTEREST TEXT I try my best to choose books that my kiddos will LOVE to read. Scholastic has been my best friend. BONUS POINTS!? DOLLAR BOOKS!? SIX PLEASE! With that said, I’m not a magician or a millionaire. I do my best and use the resources that are available to me. I have found that if I show my kids that I’m excited, they quickly join the club! It is also important to note that it is also equally important that your students have experiences reading boring stuff. Lets face it…

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Planning small groups at the beginning of the year can be a little overwhelming. There is a lot of data to collect, and then a lot of data to analyze after you’ve gathered it all. How do you approach this time in a thoughtful, organized way, so you can ensure that each child is getting the instructi

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This whole guided reading beast can feel overwhelming at first. Rest assured friends, it can be conquered! We'll walk through step-by-step so you can easily

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