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For us (and by that, I mean “for me”), the title of Emperor of Humorkind is held by none other than dad jokes. Whether you love ‘em or you hate ‘em, you can’t deny that this form of funny humor is amusing. Luckily for us, there seems to be a near-endless supply of these bad jokes. Uhm, I mean best jokes. That’s why we’re glad to have found the Dad Jokes Instagram account that regularly posts... [drum roll]... yup, you guessed it—new and original dad jokes!

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M sends James Bond on a secret mission to heaven. When M doesn’t hear from Bond for over a day, she gets worried and calls up heaven. The Virgin Mary picks up the phone and says, “Virgin Mary speaking.” M asks her if Bond has reached there yet. She replies that he hasn’t. M waits...

Clint Smith