Smoothie prep

Make your mornings a breeze with these easy and delicious smoothie prep ideas. Discover how to save time and stay healthy by prepping your smoothies in advance.
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Keep smoothie packs frozen in your freezer stash for super-fast breakfasts and snacks. Waste less, save money, and get your fruits and veggies in for the day with these smoothie packs frozen ahead of time! From high protein smoothies to everyday green smoothies, nothing beats having a healthy breakfast already done for you!

Kristen Smith
1 Week of Green Smoothie Prep Packs | Clean Food Crush Snacks, Healthy Smoothies, Smoothies, Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Clean Eating Snacks, Nutrition, Detox Breakfast, Green Smoothie Prep

1 Week of Green Smoothie Prep Packs 7 Days of Pre-made, drop into the blender-Green Morning Smoothies! ➡️ Have you ever heard of batching? Batching is: doing a bunch of similar tasks all at once! When we get in our "groove" with a single task we become more efficient. Instead of spending 10...

Jillian Freeman

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