Snowflake photos

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of snowflakes through stunning photos. Discover the intricate patterns and unique formations of these frozen wonders, and capture the beauty of winter in your own photographs.
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About this item Product: 30x40 cm/12x16 in.Our Blue Snowflake diamond painting is semi-finished and does not include frames. Need you to finish it yourself. You could experience a sense of achievement when you do it, learn to reduce stress, enhance self-confidence and perseverance cultivate patience Relax:Completing the diamond painting is an effectively process that can calm your body and mind, it can relieve stress, regulate emotions, so that each of us can come out of our busy life and…

Heather Graham
Snowflake-a-Day #13 | The most symmetrical “dendrite” snowfl… | Flickr Winter, Bijoux, Snow, Freeze, Art, Nature, Snowflake Photography, Snowflake Photos, Snow Scenes

The most symmetrical “dendrite” snowflake posted so far this year, it was completely unexpected and was the only one of its kind seen while shooting a snowfall for many hours. View large! Usually, snowflakes fall with somewhat consistent features. If you see a column crystal, chances are there are many others nearby; the same thing applies to simple plates, dendrites, or any other classification of snowflake. This entire snowfall produced the tiny plate-like and column-type crystals that I…