Sock yarn knitting patterns

Explore a wide range of creative knitting patterns specifically designed for sock yarn. Find inspiration and start knitting your next project with these unique and stylish patterns.
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If you’re like me, and like most knitters I know, you’ve probably bought a skein or several of sock yarn (let’s not talk about other kinds of yarn right now, OK?) with no real ide…

Alison Titterton
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How do you knit a sock? For some reason, socks get a bad rap as being difficult. People often ask “ Is it easy to knit socks? ” or “ How hard is it to knit socks? ” Guess what? They are much easier to knit than you think and I’ve rounded up the 10 best free sock knitting patterns to get you star

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Whether you're a sock maker or not, you might have at least one or two (or, hundreds!) sock yarn balls in your stash just like me. If you remember... there's time that funky 'self-striping' yarns were so popular in sock knitting world. I do remember. One day I met this mind-blowing yarn ball that makes pattern by itse

Susan Chinn