Sourdough bread machine

Discover the joy of baking sourdough bread in your own kitchen with these mouth-watering recipes designed for your bread machine. Start baking today and enjoy the irresistible aroma of fresh homemade sourdough bread.
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Sourdough bread is a yeast free leavened bread that is fermented by natural yeast and bacteria in the flour. Checkout how to make a crusty no yeast sourdough bread dough in bread machine with starter (made from flour and water). The dough is allowed to rise slowly for few hours and finally baked in Dutch oven.

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If you've been looking for a sourdough discard bread machine recipe, this recipe is for you! Making sourdough in a bread maker is possible with some adjustment. Whip up this simple sourdough discard sandwich loaf in your bread machine - from start to finish! #sourdoughdiscard

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The recipe is for whole wheat sourdough bread for the bread machine but you can use all-purpose flour if you prefer. With this easy-to-follow sourdough bread recipe, you can have your loaf baking in no time! The comforting aroma of homemade bread brings feelings of happiness and well-being to any home.

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