Sourdough english muffin recipe

Start your day with these mouthwatering sourdough English muffins. Learn how to make them from scratch and enjoy a homemade breakfast that will leave you craving for more.
Try out these sourdough discard english muffins today. Ready in under three hours with no special flours needed, sourdough discard english muffins could not be more easy. The perfect way to use up your discard without wasting. Throw the dough ingredients into your bread machine, select a dough cycle, and let it do all of the kneading and rising for you! Recipes, Foods, Brot, Food, Favorite Recipes, Starters Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Bread Baking, Sourdough

Sourdough discard english muffins are a delicious and practical way to use up all of your extra discard. This simple recipe not only helps minimize food waste but also allows you to create a whole new meal from something that would otherwise be discarded. No fancy flours or cornmeal needed for these homemade english muffins!

Samantha Nuxoll