Spartan spear

Discover the ancient art of Spartan spear fighting. Learn about the history, techniques, and best practices for wielding a Spartan spear. Channel your inner warrior and embrace the strength and skill of the Spartans.
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Draupnir Spear from God of War Ragnarök. It was a big challenge putting all the pieces together so it would collapse and expand nicely. I worked on the base Spear highpoly textures and materials, as well as the textures, materials, and lowpoly for all the upgrades.

Felyp Virissimo
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Ever since I made the Rise of the Werewolf: RWBY Harem x Male Faunus Reader, I have been thinking of doing different versions of the story and this is one of em. The story won't be the same as my original Werewolf story. So, word all over Remnant is that there's two brothers going around fighting Grimm, White Fang, and other things that they do to keep everyone and everything safe, but it turns out that these two boys aren't human as they are something else. These two boys go to Beacon…

Tony Mullen
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Spartan spear 3D Model. Production-ready 3D Model, with PBR materials, textures, non overlapping UV Layout map provided in the package. Quads only geometries (no tris/ngons), no poles. Easily customizable: UV unwrapped geometries, so you can create new Textures (or modify the existing ones) using the UV Layout maps provided in the package (as png with alpha). Each Object, Material or Texture provided in the package has a unique, meaningful name. Made in Blender 3D 2.79 (Cycles materials)…

Natasha Rogerson
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In ancient times and indeed into the medieval era, no weapon was more common for a standard soldier than the spear. The Spartan, however, was no common soldier. While most of their practices were frowned upon in their time and in our as well, the results were some of the greatest warriors of the ancient world.

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