Spirals in nature

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of spirals in nature and learn about the fascinating patterns they create. Find inspiration and appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.
Ancient Hohokam spiral located at Signal Hill, Arizona

One of my favorite hiking areas is Signal Hill, an ancient Hohokam watch point located in what is now the Saguarro National Park West, just outside of Tucson, Arizona. Seen left is the most famous of its many petroglyphs – a well-carved spiral. It is located at the top of the hill, on a pyramidal […]

Brenda Edwards
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This beautiful photo by Kindra Clineff catches nature one-upping human craftsmanship. I can just hear that spider piping “neener neener neener”. Also, it’s a perfect follow-up to Christobal Vila’s graceful animation about math in nature, which has now officially gone spiral-viral. Buy a print here. Via NOTCOT.

Julie Grazulis