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Explore the teachings of inspiring spiritual teachers to deepen your spiritual journey. Find guidance and wisdom to enhance your personal growth and transformation.
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Humanity as a whole is evolving faster than any other time in history, and it can be confusing and downright frustrating to manage. At times we may feel we will benefit from a helper in navigating through those frustrations and other imbalances, and want to reach out to a teacher or healer who has been there and done that. But where do we find a helper who is 'right' for us? Given the multitude of options for healing and learning that are available today, it can be helpful to understand the…

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Today is a new day in spirituality. Perhaps it is time to open our hearts and minds to a new way to look at things. Not because we are dissatisfied with our current spirituality, but because growing & learning is beneficial, uplifting, & possibly even life altering. These 5 teachers have pioneered in this new age of spirituality, along with many others, & I highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about themselves, their spirituality, relationships, & their world, to take a…

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