Spray paint tips

Get professional results with these expert spray paint tips. Transform your DIY projects with ease and achieve a flawless finish every time.
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Spray paint questions answered. If you have had a problem with using spray paint - find the answer on how to fix spray paint application, adhesion, and other problems so you get a beautiful smooth finish every time you use spray paint on an item.

Ethel-Mary Wingham
how to turn any color spray paint into a high gloss paint! Check this out! Upcycling, Furniture Makeover, Design, Paint Stain, Gloss Spray Paint, High Gloss Paint, Paint Furniture, Gloss Paint, Color Spray

After sharing my paint secrets last month, I was so excited to find out how much ya'll loved them! Your enthusiasm reminded me that many of you are still learning just like I am....and I love that. I thought I would share a few more tips today, and hopefully answer a few questions that I frequently receive from readers. Some of these you might know, some you might not. Maybe you'll even have a few lightbulb moments like I did when I figured this stuff out. So, here are my 10 paint…