Standing in line

Make the most of your time while standing in line with these helpful tips. Learn how to stay patient, entertained, and productive while waiting for your turn.
"Drawing the Line on Convenience" by David Bruno. I really hate waiting in lines but this article convicted me there might be a sanctifying purpose for it. Las Vegas, People, Collage, Waiting In Queue, People Crowd, Waiting, Standing In Line, Business Innovation, Convenience

The new marketing tagline at Chick-fil-A read, “Lines are so last year.” It promoted Chick-fil-A One, which allows chicken-eaters to earn loyalty points to acquire free poultry. Also, in-app purchases allow customers to pay for their spicy fowl meat before entering the restaurant, meaning they can skip the lines and go right to the pickup counter. Faster fast food. No hassle.Well, I am beginning to wonder if our present-day obsession with making experiences easier and tasks more convenient…

Anne Lawson