Star trek party

Throw an epic Star Trek party with these top ideas that will transport you and your guests to the final frontier. From decorations to costumes, get ready to boldly celebrate!
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As I have recently entered this new world of blogging, I've seen some pretty amazing blogs lately with perfectly decorated cookies and cakes. It would take weeks (maybe months, maybe years) for me to achieve that kind of perfection. So after seeing those most awesome bakers out there in cyberspace, I felt very inadequate after I made this cake with all it's flaws. I made it for my husband's birthday (Happy Birthday Honey!). He is a huge Star Trekkie (TNG) so I thought he would like an…

Amanda Spencer
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Today we’re wrapping up our Star Trek menu with a true trekky classic: Romulan Ale. Easily identified by its distinctive bright blue color, Romulan Ale is said to be highly intoxicating, which is part of why the Federation dubs it illegal through most of the series. This particular recipe was a collaborative effort between myself, […]

Kate Shelton
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In the Star Trek universe Romulan Ale (aka Kali-fal) is the king of cocktails and is referred to throughout all iterations of the franchise. According to the Romulan Tutorial Missions it is said to be produced on the Romulan colony Virinat and is brewed from honey-like secretions of khellid insects whose exoskeletons give the Romulan Ale it's distinctive blue color. Another source claims it's distilled from a harsh grain called kheh. It is blue, it is seriously overproof, it is illegal…

Claire Dragon