Starters recipes

Wow your guests with these mouthwatering starters recipes that are both delicious and easy to make. Discover a variety of appetizers that will leave everyone wanting more.
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Tomato Bruschetta, is a must for every outdoor grilling or barbecue meal. Made with fresh tomatoes, onions, celery, basil, parsley, oregano and olive oil. Easy Tomato Bruschetta, Italian never tasted so good.

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These shrimp appetizers have plump juicy cajun shrimp over creamy avocado on a crisp slice of cucumber. These shrimp cucumber bites are a delicious mouthful! These avocado shrimp bites have amazing flavor and only 49 calories per bite! Explore our top shrimp appetizer recipes.

Juliana Mansvelt
Gambas Pil Pil is a tantalising dish of sautéed prawns in olive oil, infused with paprika, garlic and chilli. The prawns are succulent and juicy, and the chilli and garlic give them a delicious kick. Perfect as part of a tapas meal with friends or family, or as a starter for a more formal dinner. Garlic and Chilli prawns are easy to prepare and cook in a pan. Delicious served with bread to dip into the oil. Ribe, Thermomix, Prawns Appetizers, Gambas Pil Pil, Easy Prawn Recipes, Chilli Garlic Prawns, Dinner Party Starters, Starter Dishes, Prawns Recipe

Gambas Pil Pil is a Spanish tapas dish. King prawns cooked in olive oil, featuring paprika, garlic, and chilli. The prawns are juicy, with a spicy flavour from the chilli and garlic oil. Easy and quick to cook, in a frying pan, then transferred into a hot earthenware tapas dish.These garlic and chilli prawns also make a fantastic starter. Serve with fresh bread to dip into the spicy oil.

Michele Churcher