Steampunk party

Transform your party into a fantastical world of gears and gadgets with these steampunk party ideas. Discover unique decorations, costumes, and activities to make your event truly unforgettable.
Quick Steampunk Hot air Balloons. (paper lanterns, hot glue, metallic sharpies, coiled floral wire, paper printout -or- alluminum can, beads, lock and key charms, floral wire and straws ) Steampunk House Decor, Steampunk Classroom Decor, Steampunk Party Food, Steampunk Centerpiece, Steampunk Classroom, Steampunk Party Decorations, Steampunk Birthday, Victorian Steampunk Wedding, Steampunk Bedroom

So the week of our fun little steam-fest, I borrowed some materials from various places {glass plates and punch cups, trays, pitchers, lace table cloths, brass dressform, antique phone and a couple normal decorations from around the house} and threw that all together with the stuff i had made in the previous weeks (see earlier post) and got set up the day before just to make sure i had everything needed and that it would all work well together. the paper plate vintage typewriter worked like…

Dana Huber
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My first attempt to make party invitations didn't work out well. I had used Mod Podge to attach a pictures to cards made out of heavy scrapbooking paper, and then had covered over the cards with more Mod Podge to make them shiny. The result was cards that stuck to each other and tore when I pulled them apart. The solution was to go with a much simpler design. I just printed out the following design on a full sheet of paper. I filled in the information by hand on one page and then ran off…

Kayleigh McAninch