Stitching cards

Explore a collection of creative stitching card ideas to inspire your next craft project. Discover unique designs and techniques to create beautiful and personalized cards.
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Learn Paper Embroidery with this round-up of projects that use embroidery on paper. Learn how to stitch beautiful designs on cards and other paper crafts. From simple borders to stunning abstract motifs, you'll find embroidery patterns for any type of paper crafting project. This innovative craft idea is limited only by your imagination. You can use these ideas to create holiday or everyday home decor, as well as art pieces and greeting cards. Get creative and learn this amazing way to step…

Jo Scruggs
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One thing that is fun about embroidery is that you don’t need to be limited to stitching onto fabric. In fact, you can stitch into anything that has holes in it. Yep - metal, wood, plastic, paper and so much more! One of the amazing artists I’ve come across who does most of her stitching on anything

Andria Cameron
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String Art Embroidery on Paper Hand Embroidery is possible on anything that you can get your needle to go through. One good medium is paper. Here is a quick tutorial on how to stitch over the paper using hand embroidery stitches and a combination...

Jessica Withers