Storage room organization

Transform your storage room into an organized and efficient space with these creative ideas. Discover smart storage solutions and tips for maximizing your storage room's potential.
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Garages often require more TLC than the rest of our homes. They’re a dumping ground for failed projects, items you can’t seem to part with, tools, gadgets, cars, and more—and keeping the mess in check can feel impossible.If you’re ready to set aside a weekend to transform your garage space but don’t know where to start, don’t fret. To simplify this space, start with a corner and work your way out.

Kayla Gray-Nestor
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The garage and unfinished parts of our homes may be the least glamorous and hardest working. If it weren’t for our garage, our house would look like...well, a garage (or storage unit). I know... You want to actually be able to pull your car in. You are tripping over things to get to your car

Jenny McGee