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3D Street Artist Leon Keer "Gravity" by Leon Keer in Wuppertal, Germany, for Urbaner KunstRaum Wuppertal (UKW). This captivating image showcases a modern building adorned with a magnificent piece of street art. Painted on a large white canvas-like portion of the building is an assortment of multicolored, vivid marbles, each with its own unique swirls and patterns. They…

Manoli Martín Azkue
Mural by Konstantin Kachanovsky in Ukraine | STREET ART UTOPIA Art, Graffiti, Urban Art, Murals Street Art, Street Art, Installation Art, Public Art, Pavement Art, Street Mural

Muralist Konstantin Kachanovsky Mural by Konstantin Kachanovsky in Korets, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine. More: 9 Street Art Masterpieces Around the World Standing United with Ukraine Comments:

Catia Bani

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