Stretchy bind off

Learn different stretchy bind off techniques to add flexibility and comfort to your knitting projects. Explore top methods to achieve the perfect finishing touch for your garments.

There is a number of ways to create a stretchy bind off. We discussed some of them in this tutorial, but every one of them has its own peculiarities. This tutorial is about the easiest way to make a stretchy bind off, a way that does not require any unusual manipulations with yarn and needles, […]

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There are many ways to make a stretchy bind off (we discussed some of them in this tutorial), but not all of those ways look good with ribbing. And not all of them are easy to make. So how do we make an elastic bind off that works with ribbing and doesn’t require a lot […]

Debra Fong
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For necklines and front/button bands, I use a standard bind-off in pattern, meaning, if I am working a 1 x 1 Ribbing, I bind off in the same rib with the working needle or one size larger (to avoid making the rib too tight). But I have found I want a stretchier bind-off for the bottom edges of sweaters and sleeves. For these I use Jeny’s Stretchy Bind-Off but with a needle approximately half the size of my working needle. This gives me the stretch and memory I like but with a neater-looking…

OK planet

For most projects, doing a basic bind off is fine, but some projects require a special bind off. I will never forget a scarf I made many years ago where I did a basic bind off. To my horro…

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