Sumi ink

Discover the mesmerizing world of Sumi Ink art with these top ideas. Learn how to create stunning artwork using this traditional Japanese ink and bring a touch of elegance to your creations.
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Dimensions in inches: 10x14" This is an original painting of bamboo shoots with a rising sun in the background. It is made with Chinese and Japanese ink on Chinese rice paper. In Japan, sun symbolizes the goddess Amaterasu, a mythological founder of Japan. As the legend goes, all emperors in Japan are descendants of the goddess, "Sons of the Sun". Bamboo is a very popular symbol throughout Asia, it has many positive meanings – strength, resilience, and growth. It is a symbol of good luck…

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Chinese traditional distinguished gorgeous decorative hand-painted ink-Persimmon. Illustration about persimmon, korea, china, design, blossom, frame, graphic, beautiful - 203072021

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